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"The Waves" by the great Virginia Woolf.

"I do not care for anything in this world. I do not care for anybody save this man whose name I do not know. . . . My peers may look at me now. I look straight back at you, men and women. I am one of you. This is my world."

Jinny. "The Waves"

". . . it becomes clear that I am not one and simple, but complex and many. Bernard in public, bubbles; in private, is secretive. . . . They do not understand that I have to effect different transitions; have to cover the entrances and exits of several different men who alternately act their parts of Bernard."

Bernard. "The Waves"

"My task, my burden, has always been greater than other people's. A pyramid has been set on my shoulders. I have tried to do a colossal labour. I have driven a violent, an unruly, a vicious team."

Louis. "The Waves"

"We are in that passive and exhausted frame of mind when we only wish to rejoin the body of our mother from whom we have been severed. all else is distasteful, forced and fatiguing."

Neville. "The Waves"

"That is my face," said Rhoda, "in the looking-glass behind Susan’s shoulder—that face is my face. But I will duck behind her to hide it, for I am not here. I have no face. Other people have faces; . . ."

Rhoda. "The Waves"

"I grasp, I hold fast," said Susan. ‘I hold firmly to this hand, any one’s, with love, with hatred; it does not matter which."

Susan. "The Waves"


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